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Welcome to Pollen & Wax!

This wonderful little slice o’ the web is my way of sharing finds, treasures and adventures on the way to a more conscientious, sustainable way of living.  I’m particularly focused on ecologically mindful consumption – the elimination of waste and the embracing of healthful, holistic practices.

Green living is the name of the game, with special attention to “-free” (gluten, sugar and alcohol) cooking.  My philosophy is not so much about living off-the-grid in a cabin in the woods (though that does sound lovely!) as it’s about redefining the grid – understanding our real needs, looking deeply at our consumption and embracing compassionate living.  That includes self-love!


I’m a gal living in Northwest corner of the states, entering the twilight years of my twenties.  I’m a grassroots, DIY type of gal with a penchant for fermentation, thrifting, and design.  I have two rambunctious kitties who think they run the world.

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Please take note: This is a personal blog!  This is not a medical blog.  Try the recipes or absorb the opinions using your own discretion, common sense and at your own risk.  I am not a doctor, a lawyer, or a naturopath.  I don’t claim any type of certification or professional credibility.  I am an enthusiastic hobbyist!  And a photographer:


An important word about the images that you see on this website:  Yes!  They’re all mine.  I’m very proud of them.  I work hard to produce and edit them, and they are very much copyrighted.   Don’t download or screen-cap them, or image-link them on a blog or website or anywhere else.  Don’t sell them, or sell things with them.  If you are interested in purchasing prints or limited use rights, please contact me via WordPress!  Thanks so much.