7748423964_0f44c07ef3_bHow I eat:

I’ve eaten a lot of different ways!  I was vegan for a while, and I loved it…but it wasn’t right for my body.  I like to carry forward the intentionality and mindfulness of the vegan diet with me (though I won’t claim the kudos anymore), even after moving away from the practices.  Everyone’s body is different, and it is vitally important to consider your personal nutrition very deeply.

For some years, I was sugar-free, but it was not the right kind of sugar free…artificial sweeteners are no one’s friends!  These days, I’m gluten and sugar-free and I focus on using naturally derived, low-glycemic sweeteners like stevia, xylitol and occasionally honey or agave nectar.  My gluten-free baking involves many joyful experiments with coconut and almond flours.  I try to strike a nice balance between “cleaning” conventional food recipes (lemon pound cake, for example) and embracing foods and dishes that need no such attention (it’s the enthusiast‘s burden).

Nutritional healing and naturopathy are fascinating!  More and more I find myself reaching for a remedy that has sprouted out of the earth instead of being distilled in a laboratory (though I am, of course, very grateful for modern medicine).   Living in a modern world while embracing an existence very much governed by biology is an intriguing path to walk and I’m always learning (my favorite thing, ever).

I can’t get enough of fermentation, and I can always be found cackling like a witch over a bubbling crock or jar of one inoculated substance or other.  Many of my projects arose from desires of convenience: my store-bought kombucha was becoming too pricey a habit, the Greek yogurt I love wasn’t made from organic whole milk (who wants it nonfat?!), the Japanese pickles I could only find at Asian marts were loaded with food dyes, preservatives, MSG, etc, the natto wasn’t organic and came ridiculously packaged in tiny styrofoam containers, and so forth.

Perhaps the answers to my problems will solve some of yours as well!  If you have made an altered version or substitution to a recipe I’ve posted, I would love love love to hear how it turned out.

As the Irish say, sláinte mhaith!  Happy cooking, and merry fermenting to you all!