Cool, dry, mature, sluggish, dull, lethargic:


Gently cleanse morning and evening with Bloom Cleansing Oil.  Mist face with Hothouse Facial Toner, followed with Babylon Regeneration Serum.  Follow with Velvet Facial Repair Creme.  Apply Dew Drop Eye Balm nightly.  2-3 times per week, use the facial polish in between toner and serum.  Once a week, use the Roses & Roses complexion clay in between toner and serum.  (For an extra moisturizing treatment, mix the serum with a couple spritzes of toner between the palms and smooth over face.)


Cleansing Oil: BLOOM – Coming soon.

Toner: HOTHOUSEA sumptuous, floral toner that revives, balances and nourishes thirsty complexions especially suited for delicate, sensitive, mature or seasonal dry skin.

Face Serum: BABYLONA lush, restorative blend of extracts and oils that saturates skin with potent antioxidants and nutrients – exquisite compounds that hydrate, repair and revitalize the complexion. The natural aging process can leave skin thirsty, damaged and sensitive, calling for cell-nourishing, anti-inflammatory ingredients to restore healthful balance.

Facial Repair Creme: VELVET – Coming soon.

Complexion Clay: ROSES & ROSES – A blend of rose and rhassoul clays gently draws impurities from the skin and supports healthy circulation while restoring natural minerals and nutrients to improve skin vitality and elasticity.  Powdered rose, the patron saint of dry and troubled skin, tones the capillaries and nourishes dry and damaged cells. Marshmallow root eases inflammation and excessive dryness.

Facial Polish: – Coming soon.

Eye Balm: DEW DROP – Soothes and repairs the delicate under-eye area that seems to hold all of our fatigue, stress and toxins; a restorative treatment particularly suited for intensive nighttime repair.