food storage


With a little planning, you’ll find that many bulk items make the transition from the store to the cupboard and fridge pretty seamlessly – no more wrestling ill-matched shapes into Tetris formation!  A row of bulk items in glass containers is practical, beautiful and inspiring.  You know how exactly how much of a particular item you have, and it’s easier to envision cooking options when you open your cupboard and can see it all!

What you need:

1.  Glass jars and containers for storing bulk items – a wide range of sizes and some variety of shape will serve well here.  You probably won’t be buying a gallon of cinnamon, or a single ounce of quinoa.  If you have money to burn, Le Parfait jars are the stuff of dreams – durable, beautiful, great for canning.
2.  Swing top bottles for liquids are awesome, necessary if you are storing fermented / bubbly goods in them like kombucha, beer or soda water – if the pressure builds too high, the top pops off (instead of an angry glass explosion).
3.  Take-home / take-out / lunch pail containers in stainless steel – since you’ll be on the move in any scenario, weighty glass can be really cumbersome.  Unless you’re certain that the container is water tight and the lid is very secure (and even then) I’d recommend wrapping a thick, sturdy rubber band around (great use for the bands that come with produce!).  They’re perfect for bringing leftovers to work with you!
4.  Stainless steel water bottles, because who even drinks bottled water anymore…
5.  Thermos or hot beverage container if that’s your jam – a stainless steel tea ball is great for tea drinkers!

As far as other kitchen implements go, it’s pretty personal based on your own needs.  I stay away from plastic for a variety of reasons – first, it’s unhealthy and environmentally problematic, and secondly…glass, ceramic, wood or metal almost always makes a better, longer-lasting and higher quality product that doesn’t stain, warp, or leak toxic particles into your food and bev.  Win!

If it’s hard to find good options in your city, check out Life Without Plastic for awesome, plastic-free shopping.