Products and companies that I recommend:

Gluten-Free Staples
– quinoa pasta – Andean Dream
– seed crackers – Mary’s Gone Crackers
– coconut and almond flours – Bob’s Red Mill
– kelp noodles – Sea Tangle (great for stir-fries and noodle soups)
– arrowroot powder  – Bob’s Red Mill

Sugar-Free Helpers
– xylitol – Emerald Forest (North American birch-derived; some brands use corn)
– stevia – Wholesome Sweeteners

Japanese Goodies
– kudzu starch – Eden Foods*
– agar agar – Eden Foods*
– tamari (wheat-free soy sauce) – San-J

*Eden Foods is a magnificent company, the only comprehensively large state-side provider of traditional Japanese ingredients with an a commitment to organics that I’ve been able to find (if there are more, please tell!!!).  They are incredibly principled and have tons of good information on their website.