Combination dryness / blemishes, congestion, confusion.


Gently cleanse morning and evening with Peridot Cleansing Oil.  Mist face with Lapis Facial Toner, followed with Sinatra Blue Face Serum.   During the evening, follow serum with Velvet Facial Repair Creme.  1-2 times per week, use the facial polish in between toner and serum.  On different days, 1-2 times per week, use Provence Complexion Clay in between toner and serum.  (In case skin ever feels tight or dry, particularly after using the facial polish or complexion clay, mix the serum with a couple spritzes of toner between the palms and smooth over face.)  Spot treat blemishes with Blemish Treatment.


Cleansing Oil: PERIDOT – Gently replaces oily dirt and grime with clean, healing astringent oils.  Peridot balance the skin’s natural production and cleans away problematic debris without stripping the skin’s defenses and sending the system further into overproduction.

Facial Toner: LAPIS – Coming soon.

Face Serum: SINATRA BLUE – The perfect solution for confused, troubled skin – packed with balancing, anti-inflammatory antioxidants that nourish and repair the skin.  Rosehip oil feeds the skin and heals damaged cells, potent essentials and extracts target problem-causing microbes.

Facial Repair Creme: VELVET – Coming soon.

Complexion ClayPROVENCE – Gently draws excess oil and toxins from the skin.  Matcha tea powder and gotu kola (rich in vitamin C) supply a healthy dose of antioxidants. Lavender flower balances and repairs.

Facial PolishComing soon.

Blemish TreatmentComing soon.