Toilette & Essentials

~ For everyone’s basic routine ~ 

Deodorant Cream: FRESH – Conventional deodorant is a hot mess of ingredients that you want far, far away from you and your lymph nodes…the list is very long, my friends.  P&W’s deodorant cream is an amazing treat for your underarms – a clean blend of butters, oils, clays and essentials that will help absorb moisture and keep keep odor-causing bacteria and fungus in check.

Nail & Cuticle Salve: MANI / PEDI – Support the naturally protective nature of your cuticles and nails put to the test daily by weather extremes, hand-washing, gardening, you name it.  Herbal extracts containing nail and bone building silica strengthen, while essentials protect against fungus and repel environmental irritants.

Lip Balm: RIPE – Gorgeous, silky lip balm with a delicious scent – fragrant cardamom, floral lavender and rich chocolatey cocoa butter.  Shea, coconut, apricot kernel and sesame deeply nourish delicate skin.

Healing Balm: FOREST FLOOR – Packed full of natural goodness and comes out swingin’ at scrapes, bruises, minor cuts, stings, bites, rashes, sunburn, chapping, rashes, irritation from eczema or psoriasis, abrasions and minor infections. Herbal extracts fight inflammation, infection, soothing and helping to repair damage.